We have a few GMC options that we would like to discuss with you! There’s a reason why GMCs are some of our best selling vehicles. While we have quite a few options her at Snyder but the three that we would like to talk about are the GMC Sierra, GMC Acadia, and the GMC Yukon. We’ll go over the specifics of the vehicles and what great uses that you can get with each of them based on conversations with recent buyers.

GMC Sierra

Receiving five stars for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration overall safety rating, this GMC truck is built to keep you safe. With added features such as night vision, adjustable pedals, and seven airbags located around the vehicle you can expect to be safe and comfortable in this monster of a truck. Gas won’t be too much a problem with 22 mpg highway miles. It’s one of the best GMC trucks we’ve seen in a long time. It would work perfectly for any man or woman who wants to take the road by storm. Ride in style with this one.

GMC Acadia

If you like really awesome technology in your GMC, then it’s time you checked out the GMC Acadia. With a keyless entry and push-to-start, you can already see the type of ease this midsize SUV brings. Do you have an iPhone or and Android? It doesn’t matter! With the Acadia you have the ability to use either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. And don’t worry about your data, there is a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot in this GMC. Another tech feature that it provides is IntelliLink. It is a voice-recognition and touch screen technology that allows you to make phone calls, get directions, and control your music using voice commands. This vehicle is great for the millennial road tripper with 26 MPG on the highway.

GMC Yukon

Did you know that GMC sales are up a whooping 16% compared to last year? One huge reason for that increase is the GMC Yukon. This large, spacious, high-performance four wheel drive vehicle is a machine! One of our recent Snyder buyers was Steph! She has three younger children and really need a vehicle that had enough room for car seats, strollers and the like. With the Yukon she got just what she needed. With the two bucket seats, it makes it easier to corral all of the kids into the vehicle. With easy entrance and exits, this allows for less of a headache. She can really make great use of the storage as well. The center console has more than enough room to fit her purse and other odds and ends. There’s even a secret compartment in the trunk to store extra diaper and book bags!

Stop in and see us today to test drive our GMCs at Snyder Auto!